E&S Blessing 1nspires

1% isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things. Yet, it’s not that easy to give.

When E&S Blessing began, we knew that we wanted to both fill the void in the gift industry to help make giving and celebrating simple, and at the same time, to do good. It was our heartbeat to celebrate every mother and child. We believe in every individual’s worth and want to value everyone.

Early on, it became apparent to work with HCSA Dayspring as they had a SPIN programme which catered specifically towards single parents in Singapore. For those who might not know, HCSA’s work with single parents is so valuable to our society today, and we want to do our little part in loving and giving into this community. This is our 1% and we’ve never looked back since. We’d first committed to supporting them financially. With your help as you shop your favourite products from us, we’re able to give a set amount each month. While it may not be a lot, we hope that this little portion can bless people who need it more than we do or our business does.

It’s been two years now that we’ve been working closely with the single parents from HCSA. And with the love and support from everyone, we are now able to give more and spread more impact into individual families. And that’s how our Celebrating Dreams Initiative started – an initiative that mentors single mothers to build businesses they’ve always dreamt of doing. For these single moms, many of their dreams or ambitions have been put to a stop with their situation. And now, we want to allow them to dream again and yet ensure that they can make ends meet.

At the moment, we’ve got one mother, Madam Begam, under our Celebrating Dreams Initiative. She’s a lovely and sweet mom whose passion for sewing has led her to dream to be a fashion designer since she was younger. With 5 children to take care of single-handedly (we all know motherhood isn’t all that easy), we want to love and bless her too. She has sewn unique and handmade aprons in a couple of different designs for both mother and child. All proceeds from the sales (after the cost price of materials has been taken out) will go to Madam Begam! Click here to shop these aprons.

As we grow as a social enterprise, we’re always looking at how we may continue to grow and give our 1%. If you’re interested to be a part of our work with HCSA, you can now give your 1% through their fundraising campaign in support of National Giving Week. Find out more on how you may give here!

Share with us what your 1% is! We’d love to hear from you.