Introducing the 1nspire Movement

What will happen when everyone puts in a tiny bit of effort and time into loving others around them and helping the society? What will society look like when we each give just 1% of what we have to do good?

Introducing the 1nspire Movement…

The 1nspire Movement is an initiative started by E&S Blessing, in partnership with CHP Law LLC, to encourage and inspire individuals and organisations to give their 1% towards creating and building a socially-conscious society. While we’re starting from both E&S Blessing and CHP Law LLC’s platforms, our vision for the movement is for it to grow and to garner more support from individuals all around for social change to be made through everyone’s 1% contribution.

The 1nspire Movement isn’t only about the specific 1% of money or time that we can all give. It is about the heart behind the giving and our desire to love the communities around us who need it. 1% could look like giving financial aid or offering educational and volunteering services to these communities; it could also perhaps look like something completely different, depending on what you as the individual or organisation have to offer to your chosen community group or organisation. 

Learn more about how the 1nspire Movement started as we talk with Sarah, founder of E&S Blessing, and Christopher, founder of CHP Law LLC, at E&S Blessing's Instagram here

Both E&S Blessing and CHP Law LLC are giving their 1% to the single parents from HCSA Dayspring SPIN. While E&S Blessing is supporting HCSA Dayspring SPIN financially and working on our Celebrating Dreams Mentorship Program with selected single mothers, CHP Law LLC is offering the single parents educative and legal services.

If you’d like to learn how you may give and bless these single parents from HCSA Dayspring SPIN, you may visit their website here to find out more. Stay tuned to HCSA's fundraising campaign that will go live next week in support of National Giving Week too. We will also be sharing more details in the next few weeks on how you may give – See you then!