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The Dreams That Make Us

We all have dreams – the dreams we’ve held on since we were kids, the ambitions of our youth, and the ideals that we one day hope to come true. We were taught from a very young age to think about what we wanted to be. We are all made unique and wired differently, and so, our dreams are different too.  It is our dreams that make us, us. It is the dreams that make up who we are. Everything around us is a part of someone’s dream. Someone dreamt of setting up that café down the road. Someone dreamt of owning a building of offices. Someone dreamt to start her own fashion business. Everything we see around us is...

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A Chat With Michelle (@thechillmom): On Motherhood & Being A Working Mom

We first got to know Michelle through Instagram a couple of months back. Our founder, Sarah, connected with Michelle and hit it off right from the very beginning when she first met Michelle at Michelle’s office to do a podcast episode for The Chill Mom Boss podcast.  We met up with Michelle’s three children later that month to do a mini photoshoot with our aprons and boy, did we have so much fun! Her family was so fun to shoot and they were so easy to talk to and be around. After months of working with Madam Begam on our hand-sewn and hand-made aprons, we could finally see how they look like on children. This brought Madam Begam’s aprons to...

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Behind The Apron: Madam Begam's Story

Exciting things are brewing as we anticipate the launch of our Celebrating Dreams initiative. This is a new initiative we’re working on to actively and intentionally support the single mothers from the HCSA Dayspring Spin Program. While a percentage of the sales of our products go to the single mothers at HCSA, we wanted an outlet to directly work with these moms and help them grow a means to support themselves financially as well.  Our first project that we took on in this initiative is handmade aprons that are uniquely sewn by our single mother, Madam Begam. These aprons (for both mothers and kids) will be made available at our shop this week, but more than just sharing these beautiful...

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