A Chat With Michelle (@thechillmom): On Motherhood & Being A Working Mom

We first got to know Michelle through Instagram a couple of months back. Our founder, Sarah, connected with Michelle and hit it off right from the very beginning when she first met Michelle at Michelle’s office to do a podcast episode for The Chill Mom Boss podcast. 

We met up with Michelle’s three children later that month to do a mini photoshoot with our aprons and boy, did we have so much fun! Her family was so fun to shoot and they were so easy to talk to and be around. After months of working with Madam Begam on our hand-sewn and hand-made aprons, we could finally see how they look like on children. This brought Madam Begam’s aprons to life! 

What we love about Michelle is that she advocates for mothers to both take on their responsibilities as a mother and at the same time, pursue the careers and dreams they are passionate about. We had a quick chat with Michelle to hear more from her about what it means to be a mom and about the importance of balancing both motherhood and career.

Here’s our conversation…

E&S: Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for having us at your place for the photoshoot of the aprons. We’d loved meeting you and your kids, and it’s definitely a pleasure to see all of you spotting the aprons together. Before we get started, could you introduce yourself to all our readers?

Michelle: Hello, I’m Michelle Hon. I’m a mother of three, an author, speaker, and founder of Momboss Academy where we help moms build lifestyle businesses from home.

E&S: How would you describe your three kids? What do you love about them individually?

M: Each of them is very different and I value their individuality. My eldest, Lauren, is a people-person. She’s empathetic and cares deeply about others. Georgia is very creative and strong-willed. She has her way of doing things and she’s unafraid to say no or not conform. Will is a happy-go-lucky boy who has recently started bossing his older sisters around.

E&S: As a company, E&S Blessing hopes to celebrate every mother and child as we journey with them whether it’s supporting them through the gifts that we curate, or the content that we share. The content that you create as a content creator also talks a lot about this journey of bonding with your children. What are your thoughts on bonding time with your kids? Why do you think it’s important?

M: Every human being needs a sense of security and a sense of belonging. Having a strong bond with our children is giving them those two basic human needs. When they know that they are safe and they can always come to you, they have the confidence to explore on their own and grow into their own person.

E&S: As a mother of three, what is your favourite activity to do with your children? How do you bond with them?

M: I like unstructured play. I let them choose whatever they want to play or do, and I just play along. I like to get silly with them. We don’t have a routine - we read, we do colouring sheets, we go out, and I find that I learn a lot about them just by really listening to what they have to say, without interference. And when the time is right, it could turn into good teaching opportunities too.

E&S: Being a full-time working mom, how do you manage time with your children and family? What tips can you give to other mommies out there who find themselves having to juggle both the responsibilities of a full-time job as well as spending time with and being a mom?

M: Never see children or having a family as an obstacle to your career. Keep both worlds integrated. Let them watch you work! My children come to my speaking gigs, they've watched me slogging my way through content creations since they were little. They were there when I had to wake up early, when I was exhausted from work, and they understand how hard I work, the mission I have for my company, and they get the direct correlation between their parents’ effort and the life they get to live.

Also, get help. Don’t try to be a superwoman.

E&S: How has motherhood changed your life? Have you learnt anything from being a mother these past couple of years?

M: Motherhood changed me completely. It gave me a bigger sense of purpose and confidence. Nothing scares me anymore now that I’ve been through birth and the newborn stage, three times!

E&S: We like to ask all our guests on the blog this final question: What is motherhood to you?

M: Doing the right thing. The children are always watching. Because selfishly, being a mother means some parts of me live on after I die. My DNA, my legacy, my culture and the values I pass on to my children and their children and so on.


These handmade aprons featured in the above pictures are sewn by Madam Begam as part of E&S Blessing’s Celebrating Dreams Initiative. Read more about Madam Begam’s story here or shop these aprons now for your loved ones here.