The Dreams That Make Us

We all have dreams – the dreams we’ve held on since we were kids, the ambitions of our youth, and the ideals that we one day hope to come true. We were taught from a very young age to think about what we wanted to be. We are all made unique and wired differently, and so, our dreams are different too. 

It is our dreams that make us, us. It is the dreams that make up who we are.

Everything around us is a part of someone’s dream. Someone dreamt of setting up that café down the road. Someone dreamt of owning a building of offices. Someone dreamt to start her own fashion business. Everything we see around us is a part of someone’s dream.

That’s the important of dreams, and that’s why we believe in dreams and celebrate dreams so much.

However old or young you are, the team here at E&S Blessing believes that we all have dreams and can do something to achieve them.

Dreaming and achieving them will also be easier when we have a community that believes in dreams too. And that’s what we want to do through our Celebrating Dreams Initiative. We want to create a community that celebrates everyone’s dreams! (Find out more about our Celebrating Dreams Initiative here.)

Here are three simple ways we can help build a community that celebrates dreams:

1. Believe in others’ dreams

This is crucial and is the first step to showing your support and love to the person. When we believe in someone else’s dreams, we are in essence saying that we are standing behind them and we want to see it grow.

2. Invest in others’ dreams

The next step to celebrating dreams in our lives is to invest in them. Whether it is your own dream or it is someone else’s, investing in it may make all the difference. This may look different to every individual – it may look like giving money to the cause or to help fund the dream, or it may also look like buying their products or services. Perhaps, this may also look like serving alongside them and helping them from the inside.

3. Work on your own dream

Of course, nothing makes us more happy than working on our own personal dreams. To create a community that celebrates dreams, we also first need to learn to be able to celebrate our own dreams.

What are your dreams and what do you hope to achieve in your life?