Celebrating Mumpreneurs: Eugenia of Nodspark

With Mother's Day just around the corner, join us in our 7 week series of Celebrating Mumpreneurs as we celebrate mothers who go beyond just carrying for their little ones. 



Today, we would like to introduce to you a special mumpreneur, Eugenia, mother of two adorable children, bringing fuss-free nail art through local brand Nodspark to women.


1. Share with us, a little bit about your motivations for starting your business.
I started Nodspark to have better control of my time and personally, I enjoy doing business and thought of using what makes brings joy to me to my community.

2. What are some of the struggles you faced as a mumpreneur and how did you overcome them.
Weighing spending time with the kids vs opportunity cost during that period. I had to decide if I want to earn more money or to spend more time with the kids. It’s a daily struggle but you just have to make your choice and keep going.
3. What do you think sets your product/brand apart from your competitors and why.
We are a dynamic brand, working and collaborating with other like-minded business owners and Brands to add value to our product. We also work hard to provide the best service possible.
4. Share with us, what do you hope to achieve with your product/brand in the next year.
I am hopeful to expand the existing range we have. 
5. For our Celebrating Mumpreneurs Series, share with us your words of wisdom to aspiring mumpreneurs.
Find your own voice in the busy marketplace- be as raw and honest as possible, and don’t be shy to ask for help! Many mumpreneurs are always ready to lend a helping hand simply because it’s a constant struggle but we are all going through it together.