Celebrating Mumpreneurs: Lotte from The Rest

With Mother's Day just around the corner, join us in our 7 week series of Celebrating Mumpreneurs as we celebrate mothers who go beyond just carrying for their little ones. 


Today, we would like to introduce to you a special mumpreneur, Lotte, mother of three beautiful boys - Archie (5), Finn (3) and Louie (1), and her journey with building The Rest. 


1. Share with us, a little bit about your motivations for starting your business.
After I had my first son, I wanted to return to work and have a creative outlet for myself, but I didn't want to put him daycare full-time. I wanted to keep him at home with me and enjoy those previous first years with him. So I decided to combine the two things I enjoyed, raising my son and design. He was my biggest inspiration, so together we designed a range of bedding for babies. Things have grown since then and now with 3 little boys, we have added products and are about to launch our new sleepwear range.
2. What are some of the struggles you faced as a mumpreneur and how did you overcome them.
I think the biggest challenge is balance. Allowing the right amount of time for your family, your business and yourself. There never seem to be enough hours in the day and I often find myself up late at night working, so that I can then focus on the kids during the day. Its a crazy busy life, but I love it. Organisation, as hard as it can be, is key.
3. What do you think sets your product/brand apart from your competitors and why.
I have always loved colour, so I try to experiment with different colour combinations and patterns. My products are simple with an element of fun. Modern enough for grown ups, yet fun for kids.
4. Share with us, what do you hope to achieve with your product/brand in the next year.
We have an exciting new sleepwear range coming this winter and then a summer range to follow. We have also changed the shape and style of our bean bags, which I think will look great.

5. For our Celebrating Mumpreneurs Series, share with us your words of wisdom to aspiring mumpreneurs.
Everyone always says it but when juggling kids and a business, its so important to take time for yourself. It reignites passion and motivation and keeps things going. Rest is also so important.