Celebrating Mumpreneurs: Pam Chu of Missy Chu

With Mother's Day just around the corner, join us in our 7 week series of Celebrating Mumpreneurs as we celebrate mothers who go beyond just carrying for their little ones. 



Today, to close our series, we would like to introduce to you a special mumpreneur, Pam Chu, mother of two beautiful children, Zooey aged 5 and Teddy who just turned 1, sharing her journey of creating her own brand, Missy Chu (named after her little girl).  


1. Share with us, a little bit about your motivations for starting your business.
I've always been a lover of arts and crafts. When I was pregnant I began sewing in preparation for my baby's arrival and when she was born so was Missy Chu.
2. What are some of the struggles you faced as a mumpreneur and how did you overcome them.
Time is the biggest challenge; balancing Missy Chu, working full time and spending time with my family. Though this is a challenge, it keeps me present and focused.
3. What do you think sets your product/brand apart from your competitors and why.
Missy Chu represents the fun and often messy side of being a parent in a quirky and unique way. Our products reflects our everyday life with inspiring prints drawn from the things our children seem to enjoy as they grow. These small but important details make up our constantly evolving collection which brightens up not only the mundane everyday baby products but also how you remember those important (and often hilarious) moments your children create for you! Missy Chu is an extension of ourselves and our own unique story as mothers so that is probably the main thing that sets us apart from competitors or brands as no two stories are alike. Our brand and products continue this story whether it be from taking measurements from our own children, to trial and error of what we as mothers would have preferred in materials (especially when you factor in laundry). We are confident that our products deliver what all mums and dads need for their growing children - light hearted fun in an often exhausting but incredibly rewarding job.
4. Share with us, what do you hope to achieve with your product/brand in the next year.
Missy Chu is slowly exploring the opportunity to create a unisex capsule range of clothing for kids. It’s definitely a challenging market, however we’ve identified that there is a gap in the children’s clothing market for unisex, minimalist yet practical styles. Our personal taste in clothing has played a huge part as well as our own experiences with the wear and tear of how fabrics have worked with our own active children. Definitely an interesting time ahead so watch this space!
5. For our Celebrating Mumpreneurs Series, share with us your words of wisdom to aspiring mumpreneurs.
Time is scare. Take time to live in the moment and be present, whether it be a business idea brewing in your head while you sit feeding your baby at 2am or just taking 5 minutes to yourself locked in the bathroom for some peace. Live in that moment and continue to grow, learn and take on your own world.