Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Who can agree that the best part of every night, after a long full day of work, is to see your little one snuggled up in bed? That’s the most precious time of the day as you unwind and spend time with people who matter most – these moments make everything you do worthwhile.

What’s better than this though is seeing the little one cuddling up in the cutest and most comfortable swaddle or wrap. This will make you want to hold on to your little one even tighter or even whip out your phone to snap a picture or two…

Introducing our Halcyon Night Baby Wraps, the perfectly soft and stretchy wrap for your baby. We’ve been eyeing Halcyon Night’s products for a while now and are happy to finally be able to bring them in!

An Australian brand, Halcyon Night brings to life the imaginations of its founders, Kym and Reuben, and their two little girls. It began from the family’s time together drawing in the kitchen and has now become an amazing one-stop shop for all baby wear and bedding. Each range is uniquely designed with Australian artists to inspire the imaginations of both children and parents alike. Each purchase is also packaged aesthetically, making it a good gift for your loved ones!

For all our mums out there, E&S has brought in our favourites from the Halcyon Nights’ full range and collection. This includes their baby wraps, bibs, and dresses! These items come in a variety of prints and colours here and you can shop them individually or together as a part of our boxes.

What’s your favourite print?