The Pop & Chew Are Poppin’ In

New products alert! This week we welcome Doddle and Co into our E&S Blessing family. We’ve looked far and wide for pacifiers and teethers that we love and after a long time of searching, we’ve found it in Doddle & Co!

Doddle & Co’s mission right from the beginning is to make better products for babies! They believe that that’s what’s most important – for the babies to be happy and for them to enjoy the best products. Hence, that’s how they began working on The Pop & Go, a pacifier for stage 2 of your baby’s life (up to 3+ months), and their Chews, modern teethers perfect for your babies.

Let’s begin with the Pop & Go!

Not only are Doddle & Co’s pacifiers the most colourful and aesthetically pleasing ones you’ll find in the market, but they also serve a functional purpose.

A simple engineering mechanic called “the pop” is a patented technology that they use in both the Pop and the Chew. In the Pop, this technology enables the nipples of their pacifiers to pullback when it falls on the ground or the floor. This will help to keep the Pop’s nipple clean and safe. It’s made to only happen when it hits a tough and hard surface. When a baby drops the Pop in its cot, it will remain “unpopped” for the baby to use it easily again. Every parent’s new best friend, The Pop’s simple engineering invention makes parenting easy and simple!

This technology is also great for all you parents who are looking at carrying fewer items in your baby bag. All you need to do is to pop the pacifier’s nipple back in and you’re good to go. The Pop will remain safe and clean for your baby’s next use!

Another product from Doddle & Co that we absolutely love is the Chew!

Coming in a variety of colours and shapes, the Chew is a “poppable” teether that introduces an addictive new way to satisfy your baby’s aching gums and busy hands. The Chew also uses Doddle & Co’s patented “pop” technology to sooth your baby. The best part of it all? The Chew comes in two fun and engaging shapes: Hello, Sunshine, and Looks Like Rain.

With an array of colours and shapes available for the Pop and the Chew, you can now shop them from our blessing boxes or separately! They’re now available online here and will also be available in the next few weeks at our stockists, Mumsclub and Liliewood.

Share with us which is your favourite!