Mother's Day 2019 with HCSA Dayspring SPIN

(Our founder Sarah, giving our beneficiaries free nodspark manicures)
On the 22nd of June 2019, the E&S Team set up a nail bar  at Suntec City's Cool De Sac indoor playground to celebrate Mother's Day (and Father's Day as well) with HCSA Dayspring SPIN's beneficiaries who attended and to give them a free manicure, sponsored generously by our local nail art supplier - Nodspark ( 
(E&S giving away our gift to our single mothers (and two single dads))
Thereafter, we were happy to donate to each family (total of 51 families), a $30 NTUC Gift Voucher and more (donated by E&S as well as donations from our sponsors) and to bless them this Mother's Day (and Father's Day). It was definitely a wonderful time for the little ones to let loose, and have some fun and there were other booths set up for the beneficiaries to enjoy - like flower arrangement, art and craft and leather pouch making. A great job by HCSA's SPIN team's and a definite success for a great party thrown.