1. What type of products should I expect? 

You should expect at least 3 products in your subscription box with one from your choice Featured Brand.

2. Do you automatically update my child's size? 

Yes. Simply let us know your child's age and we will update you based on the frequency of the subscription boxes you have selected. 

3. Can I change my preferences for featured brand, size and/or gender?

Yes you can! Simply write to inform us at subscriptionbox@esblessing.com to update us before your next box is shipped out. 

4. Gifting: How does it work and how many boxes can I gift? 

You may elect to gift as many gift boxes in your subscription package as you wish. Do give us a heads up a week prior so that we can ensure that your friend is able to receive your gift. 

 5. Once I sign up as to journey with you, how to I gain access to the exclusive promotions from your featured brands?

Once you have signed up, we will include you in our mailing list and will send out promotions to you as and when our featured brands have one.