1. How does E&S Work? 

E&S operates as curators of baby/child/women products which you can purchase as a gift or otherwise. We currently offer two models of gifting - the first being our range of curated boxes which are pre-determined save for selected sizing and design options, and the latter for you to build your own and select your own products you prefer in your gift box.  

2. Can I swap products from the Curated Boxes? 

No, we do not have an option for swapping the products that are already curated in our existing curated box range. 

3. Do I need to add the Gift Packaging if I want to gift my chosen products? 

Yes you do. Otherwise, your order will be packed without our gift box. 

4. I would like to package some as a gift and others for myself. How do I reflect that in my order? 

Great question. Simply input what you would like to be packaged in our "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" and we will take note of it.

5. I would love to write a note to my friend, how can i do that? If I would prefer to write it myself, how do i reflect that? 

Do leave your note in our "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" and we will write that on your behalf. Likewise, if you would prefer that we leave the card out for you to write on your own, leave your comments in the said as well. 

6. How fast can I get my order? 

Generally, within 3 working days. We usually take about a day to sort out orders and pack them, thereafter, they are sent out to our couriers for delivery. 

 7. If I need same day delivery, or delivery on a specific date, is that possible? 

Definitely possible although we do not have this option at the moment. You can write in to us at hello@esblessing.com and we can see what we can do for you.