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Votre Concierge

Here at E&S, Votre Concierge is a service provided by us to meet your gifting needs. No question is too small, no ask is too big. We currently offer three different services: (1) Corporate Gifting; (2) Custom Orders; and (3) Gift Registry.

We love to help your corporate gifting needs. We work closely with brands and corporates to create impactful gifts that bring out their brand, concepts and ideas for their giftees. From small gifting requests to large volume orders, gifts can be customised to any scale and branded with your company logo if desired. What's more is that we're targeting to include products made by our underprivileged families under our BYOB Programme for your selection too! Reach out to us below and share with us how we can help meet your corporate gifting needs!

Not sure what do get? New to us and what we can offer? Or just would like someone to sort it out for you? Votre Concierge is the perfect solution for you. Reach out to us by filling in the box below or simply chat with us on our chatbox and we will get in touch with you and walk with you through your needs! 

Our Gift Registry is now available for you to enjoy. It can be as simple as adding these to your wishlist of products you wish to be gifted or creating your gift registry. Each list can be easily shared to your loved ones who will be able to access your wishlist and reserve products from your wishlist that has been shared with them. That way no one else buys the same gift, reducing duplicate gifts and returns. 

Simply click on "I WANT TO BE GIFTED THIS" to add to your Wishlist. Your Wishlist "Gift Registry: My Wishlist" can also be easily accessible in our Votre Concierge Tab. Enjoy! 






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