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Glov Moon Pads 5pcs

Designer: Glov

$26.00 SGD
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Remove face and eye makeup chemical-free with GLOV Moon Pad. GLOV Moon Pad is a new, sustainable alternative to makeup wipes/ cotton pads. Treat your skin & the environment right at the same time.

  • Created from bamboo fibers with micro-technology, GLOV Moon Pad will do a thorough deep cleanse and remove all the makeup, dirt & impurities from your face while mild exfoliating it. Natural bamboo fibers will protect sensitive skin from irritation caused by abrasion.
  • Ingredient List: 100% polyester
  • Suggested Usage: Soak moon pad with warm water or your favourite makeup cleanser. Gently remove makeup residue on your face. To remove makeup residue from your moon pad, wash it with GLOV magnet cleanser or put it in the washing machine.

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